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We can advise you on the most appropriate address for business and secure the address for you.


What is your domain name?

Your domain name is very simply your website address. For example, our domain name is `` and as a result our website resides at and all our emails end with Once your domain is registered it is yours and needs to be renewed each year.


There are a few things to consider when selecting your domain name:

  • the extension : .ie, .com, .eu etc

  • the length - your email address (i.e. will be dictated by your domain name so it important that is easy to verbally give the domain /email addresses to somebody.

  • it is very beneficial if you can choose a domain name that contains keywords that are relevant to your business - good for search engine optimisation!

Note for .ie domain names : a .ie domain basically indicates the website has an irish connection. In terms of a business, you will have to present a company number or registered business number to qualify to register a .ie domain.


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