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Want to go mobile? We can develop mobile friendly website and platform specific mobile apps - we can build customised iPhone, iPad and Android apps for you and your business.


Why is mobile so important?

With the advent of the smart phone and tablet pc, users ar now browsing the Internet on their mobile devices such as iPhone, Andorid phones, iPads etc. The browsers on these devices are quite capable of viewing `non` mobile websites, however, they do not always behave as they have been designed to behave on laptops, macs or pcs. It is possible to develop mobile specific websites that will behave on these mobile (smaller) platforms. This can impress your client base, provide them with a better mobile browsing experience and improve the feel the user has about you or your business.


What's the difference between a Mobile App and a Mobile Website?

A mobile website is basically a website that is designed to behave on the smaller screens that the mobile devices provide. It can easily be seen that the mobile screens are a fraction of the size of the desktop or laptop screens. As a result the navigation, the amount of content you will present and how you will present that content will change on a mobile specific website.


A mobile app is a specifically designed software application that is downloaded and installed on the mobile device. Mobile apps provide the user will access to certain function on the mobile device that mobile websites do not necessarily have access to such as the camera, compass, GPS locator etc. Mobile apps can be designed to provide really slick, useful function for your mobile user base.


Mobile App Design & Distribution

Mobile apps can be built for the mainstream mobile platforms such as iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry platforms. Once they have been developed they are distributed via the platform market place such as App Store or Android Market place. Your app can be sold to your users via this distribution channel.


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