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Do you want to sell something online or take payments online? We can build a solution to suit your business with the latest and most secure payment technology - jargon free!

Do you want to sell your products or service online?

We can develop all aspects of your online shop, that will allow you to present your product catalogue in an easy to use shop front with all the cart functionality you would expect in an online shop. We can develop the checkout process, the payment processor, stock control system, back office management system and automated email system. Here are a few examples of online shops we have developed:

It is not just products that can be sold online

There are many business processes that can be made more efficient by the integration of an online database and payment system. These includes

  • Box Office Ticket System

  • Registration Systems (Seminars, Tournaments)

  • Clubs Systems (Membership, Lotto)

  • Online Vouchers Systems

If you think you have a business process that could be migrated online, give us a call to discuss.


How do you take payments online?

There are a number of methods of processing payments through your website and each method has its pros, cons and differing cost structures. The main three methods are

  1. Taking payment details securely and processing the payment through your existing offline card terminal

  2. Using Paypal thw payments are made through he Paypal site

  3. Using a payment processor, such as Realex Payments, so you can take payments on your own secure site.

Give us a call and we can talk through the options