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We can set you up on the best social media platforms and advise how they will be applicable to your needs. Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Blogger ect


What is the social network?

Quite simply, the social network is the internet. Connection speeds, mobile access and improved technology has made the internet a ubiquitous aspect of our lives today. As a result, communities are developing all over the social network based around locations, websites, products, concepts, ideas, brands etc. With the development of this vast social network it is important that you and your business partake in the activity - it's no good being an online wallflower!


What does the social network provide you with?

It provides you with a ready made body of users that are hungry for something new to engage with. It provides you with a soap box to proclaim your knowledge, your passion and your expertise about your business and your service offering. Offline social interaction, executed well, is a skill that is developed overtime - as is its online counterpart. The key is finding what works and what doesn't for your particular market. Read cases studies, mimic techniques and learn the skill.


How do you develop your community?

Your online community will be made up of a number of channels you put in place and the interaction of interested users with these channels and with each other. There are many practical things that can be put in place to develop the platform for your community, but ultimately you have to find the angle or personality of the business that creates an interesting enough forum that will spark a conversation to engage the users.


The channels you will communicate on will be your website, your Blog, your Facebook page, your Linked In profile, your Twitter account, your email marketing channel and any other social tool you find helpful. The content you distribute over these channels, the manner in which you do it and the way to interact with others will be the key to building a warm, interesting community that will spark a conversation and ultimately lead to business developmet and sales.


Give us a call and we can talk through you through the options